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    Capucine? Is it usable?

    Lately, I've been crushing on the name Capucine. I know it's essentially unheard of in the US, but I hear it's quite chic in French, and it seems normal enough that it could fit in with Josephine, Emmeline, Caroline, etc. I realize it's quite close to cappuccino, but I don't drink coffee, so my mind isn't really there--is the connection too strong? How would you feel if you met a little Capucine? Is it better reserved as a MN? My best friend used to babysit a little girl named Capucine, nn Capu, and I've loved it ever since I came across it--I'm just not sure I'm brave enough to use it.

    Today I've been mulling around Sylvia Capucine or Elise Capucine, but I'm unsure. Thoughts? Any other Capucine lovers out there?
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    It has a very pretty sound to it, but I think to most English speakers (or to me at least) it brings up the word Cappuccino. For me it also made me think of a Capuchin monkey.

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    Yes yes! Sylvia Capucine would be beautiful and refreshing. I love nasturtiums - so spicy, and they remind me of Monet. The hint of cappuccino isn't a bad thing either. This may be my favorite of your names yet.

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    Sylvia Capucine is lovely.

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    I like Capucine very much, but French names are almost always lovely! If you are not sure about using it as a first name then as a middle would be a good compromise. I like both Sylvia and Elise, but prefer Sylvia Capucine.
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