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    Graeme...with our last name?

    Hello All,
    Need some input.... so we like the name Graeme for our next son but am wondering if it may be too rhyme-y with our last name. Our last name rhymes with Hammer. We pronounce Graeme with more of a long A sound but know that many will say Graeme with a short A. So... Graeme Hammer....too rhyme-y or ok.

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    IMO, if you're going to pronounce it "gray-um", it's totally fine. The "gram" pronunciation (as in milligram, kilogram, etc.) would be too rhyme-y.
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    I pronounce it "Gram", so for me it is too rhymy. It's also worth thinking about how people in your local area will pronounce it...
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    No it's not rhyme-y at all. Are you considering Grae/Gray as a nn? It might help people to pronounce Graeme correctly if they associate it with 'gray'

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    Gray-um pronunciation (the only one I'm familiar with, never heard Gram ) is fine next to Hammer. I usually prefer the Graham spelling but Graham Hammer has the repetitive 'ham', so I actually like Graeme better for you.

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