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    For boys it has to be the super trendy ones like Aidan and Liam. I cannot stand the name Aidan.
    For girls the list is much bigger but Megan, Agatha, Bertha, Theresa, Shelby, Susannah, Mary, Lindsey/Lindsay, Kaylee, Bailey, Catherine, Delilah, Brooke/Brooklyn, and Brianna. And when people add y's where there should be an I and kr8tive spellings like Mattisson or Maddison.
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    Declan and Nevaeh are names I can't stand.
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    Tallullah. I cannot she what is appealing in this name, I really can't.
    I am not very good with biblical names, as much as I love Gabriel, I just can't call a child that.
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    There are two boy's names I really cannot stand and they are Ethan and George. I don't hate them, hate is a strong word, but I simply cannot like them.

    As for girl's names I cannot stand Chloe, Zoe, Lily, Amelia, Mia and Phoebe. Again, I don't hate them, I just cannot like them.

    Obviously I cannot stand names like Nevaeh and its ilk either, but I've chosen to focus on "real" names I cannot stand, as opposed to creative/made-up names like the former.
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    Virtue names (with the exception of Hope and Grace). I know some people love them, but most of them read stripper to me. I also think they can be a lot to live up to.

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