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    I agree that Alexander seems too long next to Jack and Lila. I wouldn't go over 3 syllables.
    Anthony isnt bad but Tony is. What about Anto?
    Sam would be cute with Jack and Lila, but if you don't really like Samuel I wouldnt use it. I feel the same way with Samuel.
    Jude does seem too close somehow. I'd go with a an initial other than J or L.

    Would any of these work for you?

    Nathan nn Nate

    Oops i took too long to write this and ended up with repeats, but I wanted to add that i love mischa's suggestions of Harvey and Grant.
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    Och, I love the idea of Jack, Lila, and Samuel! Such a wonderful pairing. And Sam is just so adorable. The others are nice, and I like them, but I love Sam. Have you thought about Charles nn Charlie? I think Jack, Lila, and Charlie would be fab, too.

    Good luck!
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    Personally, I would go with a shorter name to match Jack and Lila. Also, if you don't like A very common nickname of a very common name (Alex for Alexander and Tony for Anthony) then I would avoid those names altogether. From your list, I like Mark and Sam. I would go with Sam not .Samuel however. I like Clark and Jude but not with Jack.

    Some other suggestions:

    Jack, Lila and Adam
    Jack, Lila, and Carl
    Jack, Lila, and Cole
    Jack, Lila, and Evan
    Jack, Lila, and Ethan
    Jack, Lila, and George
    Jack, Lila, and Hugo
    Jack, Lila, and Miles
    Jack, Lila, and Owen
    Jack, Lila, and Ross
    Jack, Lila, and Seth
    Jack, Lila, and Theo
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    Alexander - It's a bit long next to Jack and Lila. What about the nickname Xander though, if you don't like Alex.

    Anthony - Nice but I agree with you about not liking Tony. I know Anthonys who go by Ant (or Anty as a kid) which is cute. Or Anto, like previously suggested, which is also cute.

    Samuel - I really like this, I think Sam would go lovely with Jack and Lila.

    Clark - I find this in a bit of a different style to your other two kids. Plus I don't know what your accent is but saying Jack and Clark in some accents they would be pretty similar.

    Mark/Marc, - I prefer the Mark spelling, Marc looks more like a short form of Marcus to me. Ditto the Clark comments.

    Jude - I think Jack and Jude isn't as close as Jack and Clark/Mark, but if it bothers you I'd leave it - maybe as a middle?

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