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    Yes, I have taken it. Unfortunately, no, I did not get pregnant.
    The stuff I took was a tincture and tasted terrible!
    Clomid didn't work for me either.

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    I took Vitex for about 3 months before I conceived Rowan. I had just gotten off BC and my periods were totally out of whack, I would go 3-4 months with no period, and then have a super heavy one that lasted 12+ days. When I started the Vitex, I hadn't had a period in months and within 2 weeks I had a normal period. And I continued to have a normal period until I got pregnant, and still have a pretty regular cycle. I don't know if I got pregnant *because* of the Vitex or just because we weren't preventing it. Either way, I highly recommend giving it a try if your cycles are irregular and you're TTC. I don't have any experience with Clomid, but something tells me Vitex is way less costly and easier to get. It's worth a shot.
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    I know it sounds like a silly infomercial, but it's true: I go pregnant my first cycle taking Vitex.

    It could have been coincidence, of course. But here's the facts: we stopped NFP-to-avoid-pregn in Sept '12 and were in the NTNP mode for 2 months. In Nov '12 after having a confusing cycle and possibly even a chemical prgncy, I started tracking my cycle again to 'try'. After a few more months of nothing, and more closely examining my cycle and talking with my mom and sisters about their cycles and fertility, I started to get concerned that perhaps my progesterone is low (tendency in my family with a mom with a history of cysts and a sister diagnosed with PCOS, plus various details observable in my own cycles). So starting some Vitex and B6 seemed the simplest, least invasive/lack of side effects way to try to modify that potential issue. I started b6 middle of Feb '13 and Vitex at the beginning of March '13. And we got pregnant in March.

    Again, this could all be a coincidence...7 months to conceive is within the normal realm of fertility, and perhaps my low progesterone concerns were just ttc paranoia. However, I will say that I kept taking Vitex thruout the first trim. and will try it again in the future if my cycles are weird.

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