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    Looking for some PCOS support!

    Hello, all.
    I'm really just looking for some encouraging words and advice on here. So if you read through this and have advice, I'd appreciate it.

    I'm 25, been married for 3+ years and have been kind of TTC for over a year now. When I went to the Dr. 18 months ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. She said that when I was ready to get pregnant to come back and she'd get me on clomid!
    Well, 6 months after that my husband and I decided to just see what happens, or "play Russian roulette" as he puts it. We're both ready, but wanted to pay off a few bills here and there, which is why we were in no rush to get back to the Dr. I also had a feeling they would say " Try for a year and then come back", so I wanted to get that all under my belt.
    I made a Dr's appointment and went last week, my old Dr isn't in that office any more, and I really like the connivence and cleanliness of this office, so I figured I'd try a new Dr. I told her everything, and that I was hoping to get on metformin or clomid so we could get things rolling.
    She wanted to take blood work before prescribing me anything, and told me to take OPK's.
    The office called me yesterday and said my blood work came back normal, and to just continue taking OPKs

    I was so upset. I have PCOS. I don't have regular periods! Which means I don't regularly ovulate, or maybe I don't ovulate at all!!!!!
    I don't want to spend all this money on prediction kits that aren't even 100% positive! I wanted medication to help me ovulate. How can a dr say "just take OPKs"? I feel so saddened by this.
    Should I go to another dr to get a second opinion? Should I shell out the cash on OPK's and test them out for a while and *fingers crossed* maybe it will tell me when I'm ovulating?
    I feel so lost, so I'm looking for some encouragement

    Thanks, guys!

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    So sorry you are struggling and the doctor isn't giving you the answers you want. I don't have PCOS or trouble with fertility but there are a few channels on YOUTUBE that could be a great support and resource. One is "Carla the Bubblelush" and the other is "Ellie and Jared". Both Carla and Ellie have PCOS. Both families have babies now, but you can look back on the older TTC and infertility videos for ideas and support. Will be praying for you!
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    Ugh. I'm so sorry your doctor didn't take you seriously. I would look for a second opinion. OPKs are great if you have semi-regular cycles. If yours are long, like mine are (longest was 46 days) and potentially anovulatory, you could be peeing on sticks for weeks on end and that gets expensive really fast. If you have been trying for a year with no success, that should qualify you to have a round of testing to see if there are any other issues and potentially put you on Clomid or something else.

    I'd love to encourage you, but so far, I'm not a success story... however, I have a lot of experience with PCOS and fertility testing, so please feel free to ask me any questions. I have heard of lots of people who got pregnant despite PCOS, some through Clomid and some naturally. I hope that you (and I!) will be among them soon.
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    I second what Maggie said - you might want to get a second opinion. It sounds like this doctor is being dismissive of your concerns, and most OPKs state that they are not for use by women with PCOS due to the possibility of elevated levels of LH - you can get multiple days of positives even if you aren't ovulating. My experience with PCOS so far has been that it's all over the place. I've had doctors not find any cysts, other times I have lots, some blood work comes back normal, other times my hormones are slightly imbalanced... it's hard to base it off of one blood draw.

    I, too, am still TTC, so not a success story yet, but we're working on it. However, Clomid does work for me in the sense that I do ovulate on it (and generally I rarely if at all do on my own), so hopefully you can give it a try soon!
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    I was sort of in a similar situation to you. My DH and I were TTC for a year when I went to my regular OB/Gyn for tests. I brought up the possibility of PCOS but she dismissed it. The tests she ordered came back fine except for my DH's SA according to her so we had to go to a urologist for him who told us he was fine. Finally after 1.5 years of TTC, my doctor referred me to the Reproductive Endocrinologist who diagnosed me with PCOS. He put me on a cycle of clomid (50mg) last month and I found out two weeks ago that I am pregnant.

    I definitely understand your frustrations and being upset by being dismissed by the doctor. Hopefully another doctor will listen and be more receptive to treatment.
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