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    The Story behind Your Kids Names

    The title says it all, really. But share your naming story, I really love those and I bet others do too!

    I'll start.

    Vivian Grace - Vivian was a name my mother suggested. She actually wanted to name brother Vivienne if he'd been a girl. Grace is after my great-grandmother.

    Kennedy Adelaide - My husband and I were stumped on names with our second daughter. My husband had the brilliant idea of looking through a book of presidents, where we stumbled long Kennedy. Adelaide is after my cousin, Addison, since Kennedy was due on her birthday.

    Winslow Marcus - We looked into our family tree for him. We found out that my great-great grandmother's maiden name was Winslow, and we decided to use that. Marcus is my husband's grandfather's name.

    Theodore "Theo" Dominic - Theodore is a name we loved and Dominic is my cousin's name.

    Charlotte Kingsley - Charlotte was a name that I've loved since I was little. I found out that it was my childhood best friends' middle name, so when we found out we were expecting a girl, I begged for Charlotte, and my husband agreed. Kingsley is my mother's middle name.

    Wren Amelia Poet - Wren was a name we found when we were in the park. My husband pointed it out to me, and said it was a Wren. I was a few days away from giving birth at that point. Amelia is my mother's name and Poet is kind of a love story for us. My husband and I read love poems that we wrote for each other at our wedding.
    Vivian Grace
    Kennedy Adelaide
    Winslow Marcus
    Theo Dominic
    Charlotte "Lottie" Kingsley
    Wren Amelia Poet

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    Sorry about the duplicate
    Vivian Grace
    Kennedy Adelaide
    Winslow Marcus
    Theo Dominic
    Charlotte "Lottie" Kingsley
    Wren Amelia Poet

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    I haven't had any children yet, though I really want to have at least 3 girls, and a bunch of boys. For my girls, I have 3 names that honor 4 of my best friends. Juniper, which honors my friend Hana June, Amity, which honors my friend Amy, and Luella, which honors my friends Ella and Natasha, because Natasha's nn is Louise. Other names I would name my kids would be Ezekiel, Harper and Schuyler for boys, Blaise, Persephone, Meadow and Orchid for girls, Meadow and Orchid preferably being on twin girls.

    Nephele Amitee Seren Rose | Tobin Artemisia Jadeyn | Alani Pamrie Ruth Ottilie
    Seraph Haven Juni Blythe | Everly Nicolette Reeve | Celestine Tirami Ilsa Rose

    Gray Jove Malachi | Beauden Joaquin Aleksander Rune | Aslan Jaeger Naveen
    Knox Alois Zachariah | Avery Leonardo Blaise

    Sarabi | Serenity | Mabella | Jacaranda | Mirindi | Lyra | Nala
    Hiro | Ajax | Jovan | Gabriel | Talon | Sebastian | Ronald | Angel
    Juniper | Shiloh | Ciel | Arden | Arda | Harper

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    Florida, USA
    My son's first name, Riley, was picked because my dh and I both have Irish heritage, and we really wanted a name to reflect that. We got engaged on St. Patrick's day and went to Ireland on our honeymoon.

    His middle name, Oliver, was picked simply because we loved the way it sounded with his first and last name. It was the perfect filling for the name sandwich, so to speak.
    Tara, mom to Riley Oliver (3/2014),
    'Poppy' (mmc 1/2016).

    Adalynn Rose, Allegra Yseult, Anwen Cordelia,
    Daisy Samara, Freya Ayelet, Isla Avery,
    Kennedy Adelaide, Layla Evadne, Liesl Elena,
    Lydia Carrigan, Madeleine Delaney,
    Scarlett Carina, Tallulah Aylin

    Ari Sawyer, Asher Bellamy, Casper Morgan,
    Cooper Channing, Dylan Macaulay, Ephraim Felix,
    Ezra Boyd, Killian Scott, Milo Peregrine,
    Nolan Alaric, Rafferty Giles, Sebastian Thayer,
    Talon Gerard

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    Our daughter is named after my paternal grandmother, Isobel and my maternal grandmother, Yvonne. Both ladies were very special and influential to me growing up. And they both died within a year of each other shortly before Belle was born.
    If we have another daughter, we like Ada Rosalie...Ada being a German name to honor hubby's heritage and also the name of an elderly German lady he knew and loved as a child. Or possibly Rosalie Elowen, Elowen meaning Elm tree to tie into Belle's mn Yvonne meaning Yew tree. Rosalie is just a name we love.
    Our boy pick is either Rowan Malachi, again with the tree theme. Or Miles Ezra. Miles after the musician my husband and I went to see on our first date. Malachi and Ezra are just names we love and bring in a bit of our love of the Bible.
    ~~Mummy to Isobel Yvonne Feb 2014~~
    ~~Baby Boy due August 2016~~

    Evelina, Tabitha, Adelaide,Flora, Neve, Verity, Vivienne, Ada, Violet, Rosalie, Carys, Esme, Florence,Eliza, Agatha, Beatrix

    Kieran,Soren, Malachi, Miles, Atticus, Rowan, Josiah, Ezra, Asher, Everett, Jude, Levi

    Rosalie Blythe~Esme Beatrix~Florence Verity~ Adelaide Pearl~Adeline Thea~
    Rowan Jude~Kieran James~Soren Ezra~Everett Josiah

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