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    Starting a 4 month old EBF baby on occasional formula?

    Hi mamas! My son Simon will be 5 months old on Christmas Eve and is exclusively breastfed. I LOVE breastfeeding, but I don't make enough milk to feed him and pump for storage- which means i am the only one who can feed him. I currently take him to work with me (I'm a nanny), but now that he is older I have been thinking about leaving him home with Daddy once a week. Have any of you been able to introduce formula without your baby going on a nursing strike? I am terrified that once he tastes formula, he won't want to breastfeed anymore!

    Thanks in advance for any advice/tips/I've been there's you can give!
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    I had planned on exclusively breastfeeding but didn't produce enough, so about two weeks in we had to start supplementing with formula. My daughter never had a problem switching between the two. Didn't matter if it was straight from the breast, breast milk in a bottle or formula, she would drink it. That being said, I have a friend who's daughter is about six months younger than mine and she had a hard time adjusting to taking breast milk from a bottle once my friend went back to work and her baby was in daycare. So really, I think it just depends on the child and you won't know how your child will react until you try. Good luck!

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    Hi, I mixed fed from two weeks - breast, express and formula. My son had no problems switching whatsoever between the two. If you feel ready to introduce a bottle or need to for whatever reason then I would say just try her with one - she may reject it but I think it's unlikely and you won't know til you give it a go. Good luck, I'm sure she will be fine. Great job getting to 4 months EBF!
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    I have been exclusively breastfeeding (pumping and leaving milk with the daycare provider for bottle feeding) for about 5 1/2 months. My daughter will be 6 months on Christmas Eve! My supply is starting to decrease, and I am worried about having to start giving formula. I have some stored in the freezer, but with her eating more and me producing less, it is inevitable. With my first daughter, she got formula at a much younger age, around 2 months, and never had a problem with it.

    My second daughter is much more finicky about things (drinking from bottles, strangers) so I am worried, too, about the formula. But I am worried for the opposite reason, I am afraid she won't want the formula because breast milk tastes so much better! I really have no advice to give you, just having a similar experience. I hope I never have to do the formula thing, but I feel like it is going to happen. I hope it works out for you and he will switch back and forth with ease!
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    I did the same with my baby around 4 months. My husband fed him the first formula bottle to reduce confusion. At first my son was like "You're kidding with this, right?" Like the previous poster, I was worried he would have nothing to do with it. I think formula smells terrible, and I'm sure breast milk tastes better. After two or three tries he gobbled it up. And he nursed too just fine. We did one bottle a day at first and my supply remained fine. It allowed me to continue to breastfeed because I was on the verge of giving up before!

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