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    Matilda or Cecelia which should I get rid of?

    I love Matilda I'm not a fan of nick bands but If we do use one it would probably be Tilda, tilly or Tildy, I like that its not extremely popular but I hate the nick name Mattie

    I also love Cecelia. If we used a nick name it would be Celia or Cela (see-la) but I wonder if a child would have trouble pronouncing a name so s heavy and I wonder If maybe Matilda is a bit more unique

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    I've never actually met a Cecelia or Matilda in real life, so they're both unique to me. They have a bit of a different feeling, with Matilda bringing to mind the story by Roald Dahl... so I think of a slightly mischievous, smart girl. Cecilia is a bit more refined and chic to me, especially with the nn Celia. Whether or not the child could pronounce the name just depends on the child. I couldn't pronounce my brother's name until I was about 4 (his name is Devin), and it's not a name that seems particularly difficult...
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    Both names are beautiful but I think I slightly prefer Matilda over Cecelia. I don't like Mattie either but I think Tilly is so cute.

    I asked my 2.5 year old to say both name and she just had trouble with the "L's" not really the "S's". Maybe you could ask your other children to say the names and see how they say them.

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