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    I think it would depend on how I felt.

    The naming process seems like the most fun part of the whole deal so it would be a shame to not involve people I love in that and I feel like I'm strong enough to withstand any displeasure, but you never know until you're in it.
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    I would probably keep it a secret, if I could manage. I might show them a list with real choices and really awful decoys, just for fun. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let my family's opinions sway my decision though - I'm used to name preference criticism and I think I could take anything they could dish out. But I really like the idea of the baby's name and sex being a surprise to everyone when the baby is born. It makes it much more exciting, even for me (I would have the names picked out, of course, but I don't think I'd want to know the sex before the birth).

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    I'd probably turn to my parents for opinions/suggestions, but ultimately have the final decision be up to me. I just know that my mom has a lot of negative associations with names from her childhood, so I wouldn't want to pick one of those and have her have some horror story about it. However, if either parent simply didn't want me to use a name cause they "didn't like it" I would probably put that opinion on the back burner and go with what I want. Beyond the two sets of parents (and maybe our siblings) I think we'll save the name until birth.

    In addition, I'd probably want to hear several times over JUST how badly my parents will butcher the pronunciation of my favorite names with their accents. I know Mark will end up "Mahk", but if it's really "MAHHHaakkkk" I MIGHT reconsider.

    So overall, yes, I'll probably tell my parents - but more for reasons outside the realm of "keeping it a surprise" or the like.

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    We don't tell our parents. I've shared the name with my sister and a few friends, but the grandparents are in the dark until after he's born.

    Why? Because they lost the privilege to know when we named our daughter.

    She was supposed to be Vivian. I told my mother and she didn't like it and told me as much. (It was the name of an aunt by marriage of hers that I never met. Um, yeah. WTFever.) Then we told my IL's and they hated it and threw enough of a fit that my husband changed his mind. (Apparently it was the name of some woman they bought a car from a decade earlier? Um, yeah. WTFever.) For this I threw a huge baby name book at him (that big one from Bruce Lansky... yeah, that one). I was 7.5 months pregnant and P.O.'ed.

    So, then we decided on Sylvia. They didn't find out until she was born. Mom shrugged and left it alone (even though it wasn't her style). My FIL? Well, my FIL handed me an actual list of about 10 names that he deemed "better." This was AFTER she was born and the name was on the birth certificate.

    So, yeah... they don't get to know the name of this one until he's born. They're going to hate it. I'm going to have to justify it. (No, it's NOT after the Peanuts character, tyvm.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by jess0044 View Post

    In addition, I'd probably want to hear several times over JUST how badly my parents will butcher the pronunciation of my favorite names with their accents. I know Mark will end up "Mahk", but if it's really "MAHHHaakkkk" I MIGHT reconsider.
    My mother butchered EVERYTHING I wanted! I let her pronunciation convince me away from my FAVORITE name, and now that my son is seven, I'm still sad about it.

    That being said, I included my husband and my sister the whole time. My mom didn't get to know until we decided, and then she wasn't allowed to say a word about it. Besides that, I let other people "suggest" names to me, and we did tell a few people before, but not really a lot.
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