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Thread: Twins!

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    Jan 2013
    Lucie Rue is so sweet. I like Ivy Claire too and I think Ivy Rue could be sweet too.

    I like Abel Grey best for the boys. I quite like Huck and Larsen too but Wesley is a little too Harry Potter and Larson wakley feels like too many surnames.
    Huck Westley?
    Larsen Oliver?

    Goodluck. Twins are awesome.

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    Congrats! I love Georgia Liv and Wylie Grey.
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    ETA December 3rd

    Wesley is a family name so the spelling of that also stays thanks for everyones input

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    I like Ivy Claire and Georgia Liv for girls.

    For boys I live Oliver Cole, Addison Jack, Wylie Grey as they are. I love Wesley, Declan, Maddox, and Dexter, but none of the combos are grabbing me. I would like Wesley as a first name too.
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    I like Violet and Dexter
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