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    What do you think of...

    Augustus and Leonardo for twins??

    Nicknames Augy and Leo. Specifically thinking of twins born in August if you didn't catch the theme. (:
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    Love them together! I really like long and strong names as those two and the fact that they have plenty of nickname options!

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    I think those are definitely a great fit for twins. Cute nicknames also!

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Idony, Sephora, Elizabeth, Sage, Delphine

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    For twins they are really good together! They fit together really well! And with the nickname options, they fit even better.
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    Scarlett Amelia or Emerson Joseph.
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    Augustus born in August is pretty cheesy. I'd like Augustus & Leonardo together, and I like the tie in the zodiac, but being born in August elicits and groan and an eyeroll, sorry, it's just too much of a cutesy factor for me.
    Plain ole August & Leo are fab together, too.
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