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    From the approved list I love Cassiane and Mariam/Maryam (although pronunciation might be a bit of an issue with both) From the yet to be discussed list I absolutely adore Everild and Averill. Everild Noor would be stunning! I also like Cosima and Sunniva. Theophane is interesting too, but I prefer the frillier Theophania. Good luck getting your husband to agree to the yet to be discussed list, you have some awesome names on there!
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    Um....too too funny and oh so real. I like it that he has strong opinions, that they're very down-to-earth and non-name-nerdy but also that he's kinda right! I mean, I love, You're a girl, would you want to be named Irene? He's got a point!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    Kyriake is a name? A first name? For women? All I can think of is Victor Kiriakis from Days of our Lives.
    I know Days of Lives so this made me smile. I also can now pronounce Kyriake. I couldn't imagine how to pronounce Cassainne (Sorry I am not looking at the name right; not sure of spelling) and I would never have thought to pronounce it the way you do.

    good luck!

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    I am Greek and while the names are beautiful it is very hard growing up with a name no one can pronounce.
    Panagia - I had to think over this one as it did not click it was Panayia (Yee-ah). It is not something one in my culture would name their child, usually a variant - such as Panayiota/Panayioda, Maria, etc
    Photini - my cousins have the last name Fotinos. I cannot imagine naming a child after a light. (Blunt way to put it)
    Thalassa - the same. It mean ocean/sea. Weird name.
    Kyriaki - I know many kyriako's (go by Jack in Australia) and the Kyriaki's I know go by nick names (Kyra, Kyri)

    Cassiane and Chrysanthe are lovely. The silent E would trump many people.

    Do not like Aquilla or Noor.

    I too will be naming my child with a name under the Eastern Orthodox Church (I am Greek Orthodox Christian) and like looking on your threads for new ideas
    I think personally, and from experience, you need to pick a name that can be pronounced easily. Cosima is my top pick from your list at the moment.
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    Antoine and Mariam as a sibling set gives me goosebumps, as does Antoine and Verity.

    I also like Maris, because it reminds me of Merris, which is my new girl name crush.
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