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    I love Cassiane and I absolutely agree that Kassiani would read tryndi. Cosima, Verity, Marian and Cassiane are my favorites. I think that they're unique but familiar, lovely, and not too difficult for an American mouth to pronounce. I just love Noor in the middle spot for any of them except Cosima, because now that you've said it, "Cosmic Manure" is all I hear. Cosima Maris or maybe Cosima Theophane?
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    I thought at first Cassiane did end in the "ahn" sound but I like it a lot now that I know the real pronunciation. I think it would go well with your son's name.
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    I agree with your spelling of Cassiane. It's much nicer than Kassiani.
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    My favorites are
    Anastasia (although probably too close to Antoine)
    Nerissa (maybe you can still convince him that this is a name)

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    It's a girl? Congratulations! That's lovely.

    I think my favorites are the C names, Cassiane, Chrysanthe and Cosima. Bonus points for Cassiane, since your husband loves it too, though I think my favorite of the three might be Chrysanthe. With my naming style, I'd probably put it in the middle, but I'd be thrilled to see it used as a first name.

    Kyriake is fascinating. It's loads of fun to say, and I like all the lovely history behind its meaning. I wish it didn't make me think of the word "karaoke," though, and I think Americans may have trouble with the spelling and pronunciation. Keep pushing Kyrielle--gorgeous.

    Best wishes!
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