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    Evangeline Rose or Isabelle Rose

    We're torn between these two names for our second daughter who's due in September. Looking for a name that will pair well with her sisters name, Gabriella. I had considered Josephine Rose, but my husband disliked it. Please help!

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    I vote Evangeline. Firstly, it is beautiful. I have a secret love for this name. It's also less common than Isabelle. And, finally, Isabelle and Gabriella would be to close.

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    Isabelle Rose is beautiful if you don't mind the similar end with Gabriella but for me are wonderful sibset. Evangeline Rose is also pretty but I don't like the nn Eva or Evie, I much prefer Bella, Belle,Izzy or Isa. So many nn possibilities.Are you plan to use any nn or full name?
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    I think Evangeline flows better with Rose than Isabelle does.

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    Both names are really beautiful, however, I would choose Evangeline because I think that Isabelle has had her time in the limelight and it is now time for Evangeline to shine as brightly as she did.
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