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    While I hope it's something nice, I hope they don't 'kardishify' a lovely name by changing it to a K. I can imagine them using Kalliope though, like PP's have said.
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    I think Kalliope came to mind because her sister used Penelope. I'll be surprised if they use something made-up...I think they both strive for legitimacy in a way that they means they'll choose something established, but probably at least a little wacky. I could see them using a word name that starts with K, except there aren't very many. (Kite..? Kismet...?) I could see them using a 'c' name and changing the first letter to K. Karis also seems possible. I think Kassandra is a little too dated/popular for them. I'm sure they'll want to be daring.

    Kalika, Kallista, Kleo/Kleopatra?

    Kallista West is my favorite, soundwise. But I do like Kalliope for them and wouldn't sad if Kalliope got megapopular.

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    Although it could be a name you that you would least expect, I like the idea of Kamille/Kamilla/Kamellia/other spelling variants.

    I also like the thought of Kalliope. It was another name, IMO, I thought would be cute for their daughter. But then I thought, maybe not since she has a niece named, Penelope. She probably does not want her niece and daughter too have something like that in common.

    Even though, I am not a Kardashian-West, fan, or follower. I have to admit, after much tabloid news, I am curious to what their darling daughter will be named.

    I think they will choose a name that is uncommon, but nothing too kreative or smooshed??
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    I really hope they don't use Kamilla or Kamille, I would cry!
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    As I mentioned in the other thread, I can see Kleopatra happening. I wouldn't be surprised by Khadija either (actually, Khadija means "early baby").
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