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    Need a first name for the middle name Sarah

    I am currently looking at:

    Paloma Sarah


    Maisie Sarah

    any other thoughts?

    or vote on which one you prefer?

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    Paloma. Lovely and rare name.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I like Maisie, but neither flow very well with Sarah, in my opinion. Have you thought about using two middle names?

    Maisie Sarah Anne
    Maisie Sarah Louise
    Maisie Sarah Elise
    Maisie Sarah Elizabeth
    Maisie Sarah Beth

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    Paloma Sarah is gorgeous! Paloma is stunningl and I have always thought of Sarah as a pretty mn option.

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    I like Paloma better, but not with Sarah... the -a -a thing is a bit rhymy. Maisie goes better by a hair, but neither flows particularly well.
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