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    I lean towards Olympia

    what about Delphine?

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    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    With Aphrodite, my favourites are:


    Let's try
    Amoret Oriana Cissea
    Amoret Ophelia Tanaquil
    Niniane Boudicca Vashti
    Niniane Morgana Olwen
    Messalina Arcadia Eos
    Messalina Iris Elbereth
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    Peregrine Cedric * Gavriel Alexander Callum * James Lucias Auberon * Caspian Felix
    Perseus Arthur Flynn * Cassius Jason Salvatore * Damien Alexei Orion

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    I love your list! Very beautiful and interesting sounding names! A few combos that I like:

    Xenia Noor
    Xenia Isis
    Amoret Eos Sybilla
    Zenobia Alcyone

    There are so many possibilities though! I'm not a big fan of double middles, (especially with these long, unique names) but if you love it go for it! Best of luck!

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    Congratulations Ottilie! It does feel like just yesterday Roo was born (and named...), but I'm sure you'll do wonderfully.

    As for names, just a quick glance through the lists I can't see anything I DON'T like! I'm not great at making combos but I'll try:

    Melusine Olympia Noor
    Belphoebe Hespera Eirene
    Titania Hecate Isis
    Genoveva Bastet Eulalie (instead of Eulalia)
    Niniane Arcadia Eos
    Polyhymnia Selene Lisanor
    Fiammetta Circe Endellion
    Atalanta Zephyrine Loveday
    Hypatia Elbereth Phoebe
    Ceridwen Argante Liriope
    Hespera Sybilla Belphoebe
    Genoveva Lyonesse Phoebe
    Messalina Olwen Hecate
    Amoret Chione Florimell
    Eulalia Cyrene Nephele
    Amarantha Melpomene Noor
    Boudicca Clemency Endellion

    Whoops, just realized there should be a "normal" name in each combo! Just wanted to share the above in case they gave you inspiration. Does there have to be a "normal" name if one of them lends itself to a "normal" nickname- e.g. Phoebe for Belphoebe, Nina for Niniane? I got carried away by the idea anyone is even considering names like these, I guess!
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