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    Oh, I'm coming in a bit late on the boy's side. Ok, as for the first names, these are my easy favorites:

    I keep going back and forth on whether or not to include Leonidas and Endymion on the list too. They might just be a bit too much back to back with your little goddess. I love Cyrus, Evander, Gawain, Hector, Herne, Perseus, and Rainier, but, again because of Dita's magnificence, they feel a bit lacking to me - as first names.

    Some ideas:
    Auberon Tiberius Ranulph
    Auberon Ivo Calidore
    Auberon Orpheus Faulkner

    Aurelian Lawrence Altair
    Aurelian Casimir Hugh
    Aurelian Evander Ranulph

    Casimir Gareth Endymion
    Casimir Sebastian Bayard
    Casimir Perseus Gawain

    Endymion Oliver Herne
    Endymion Cyrus Ranulph

    Faramond Hector Aurelian
    Faramond Ivo Lawrence
    Faramond Sebastian Bors

    Hadrian Osiris Laszlo
    Hadrian Orpheus Lothair
    Hadrian Lucius Evander

    Leonidas Taliesin Rainier
    Leonidas Laszlo Robin
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    Oh, wow! Congratulations Ottilie! And selfishly I'm glad your having another baby so soon because your naming journey/process is awesome and I really look forward to watching it's development.
    Here's my thoughts on your names thus far:

    Auberon- I like this name a lot. It's very strong sounding and the 'feeling' of the name would pair up nice next to Aphrodite. Aphrodite feels distinctly and strongly feminine, Auberon feels distinctly and strongly masculine, like a bear. However, the two 'A' names may not be ideal. Have you considered using the Oberon spelling (I know it's a bit less authentic, but still been around for a long time). I prefer Auberon myself, but with Oberon you'd avoid the double A issue. Either way, this would be a very solid choice.

    Aurelian- Aurelio/Aurelius were high up on my own list for quite some time. I think any of the three would be excellent choices. Again, the double A thing may not be ideal, but perhaps that wouldn't be an issue for you. Aurelian has a very noble and worldly-wise vibe about it.

    Casimir- This one has grown on me quite a lot. It's very strong and noble sounding. I have mixed feelings about whether or not it works well next to Aphrodite. To me Aphrodite feels very mythological/in-another-reality, whereas Casimir feels royal/almost governmental, which gives them vastly different vibes to me (I am swayed this way probably just because of the fact the name is a traditional Polish king name, and though I wouldn't have had this association a few months ago (before I was a name nerd), now this association is the only association I have with the name). Something about king's names just doesn't seem to quite work right next to Aphrodite to me. Other than that though, I think this would be a solid choice.

    Cyrus- I've always liked this name, but even though it is a great and strong name, I feel like next to Aphrodite it feels a little bit insignificant. It's history and strength is not insignificant at all, just the sound of the name next to Roo.

    Endymion- This would be a fantastic name with Roo, and is a very magical name in it's own right. However, you'd definitely be digging yourself deep into the Greek mythological path, might be hard to break out of/strange to shift too strongly out of when it comes to future baby names. If future babies aren't Greek mythological names, it will seem very much like you had a one year period of time or so where you were specifically into Greek mythological names.

    Evander- As you know, this name is amongst my favorites. I think it also works really well with Roo. It's very strong and intelligent sounding. It's a bit more toned down that Aphrodite, but it doesn't feel insignificant when paired up next to her. I think it'd be a good choice.

    Faramond- I've never been able to come around to liking this name too much. But I've seen it on a lot of your lists, so you obviously love it. I can think of two distinct reasons I'm not such a fan of it. One, though I'm not sure if it's pronounced far-a-mund or fair-a-mund (or something else entirely), the beginning sound of 'fara' sounds very feminine to my ear, and though soft boys names are often times quite nice, when paired up next to the feminine power of Aphrodite, I feel an overly soft boys name would not work well. Two, it sounds so much like the word 'pheromone' to me.

    Gawain- I'm mediocre about this name. I don't like it next to Aphrodite too much.

    Hadrian- Hmm... I like this name and think it's very strong in a 'kingly' sense, but not in a sound quality sense. Feels a little weak next to Aphrodite.

    Hector- I like the history of this name, but not the sound or 'vibe' as much. Starting with the sound 'heck' makes it not my favorite name option. Plus, even though it's very historical and mythological in it's own way, it has a distinct 'nerdy' factor to my ear. This would not normally be a big deal, and even could give it a bonus point sometimes, but next his sister, it sounds like the dorky little brother to the strong, majestic and feminine beauty of Aphrodite.

    Herne- I'm not such a fan. Perhaps I'm pronouncing it wrong, but sounds like the beginning of hernia.

    Isidore- This is a name that has gradually grown on me a bit too, but I don't like it next to Roo's name much. It sounds a bit feminine to me, which next to the feminine strength of Aphrodite makes it feel a little bit weak.

    Laszlo- Hmm... I think I like this name a decent amount. It's got a nice vibe to it. Not one of my favorites from your list, but nice.

    Leonidas- I think this would be a very solid choice. It's got the same 4 syllable cadence as Aphrodite, while being a very different sort of name. Leo and Roo would be cool sibling nicknames. It does feel very 'kingly' to me, which doesn't quite match up with the very 'mythological' feel of Aph. I could say the same about a few others too, lots of 'kingly' names in your list, and most of them just don't feel quite right to me next to Aph.

    Lothair- I'd like this more as a MN.

    Lucius- This is a spectacular name. It has the same sort of 'other-worldly' feel to it as Aphrodite, but in a very grounded down-to-earth kind of way (I don't know if that makes sense at all). Just don't call him 'Loo'.

    Orpheus- Another very Greek mythological name. If you wanted to maintain the mythological thing, I think Endymion would be a better choice. But I do think it'd be best to shy away from Greek mythological names this time around.

    Perseus- Cut and paste above comment. I like Perseus better than Orpheus, but Endymion better than both.

    Ptolemy- I'm not such a fan of this name right now. It's spelling looks unpleasant to my eye, and it's pronunciation doesn't quite seem like a name to my ear. And it's meaning isn't so cool.

    Rainier- Yes! Very strong and distinctly masculine name. Very different feel than Aphrodite's name, but there seems to be some underlying 'something' that would make these two names work really well together. It'd give your second kid a name completely different than his sisters, but with the same distinct and strong individuality to it. This may be my favorite of the bunch for you.

    Roderick- It's okay. Not my favorite.

    Romulus- I don't like it so much. Sounds like the Romulan alien race from Star Trek.

    Sylvan- I like this name quite a lot, but not paired up next to Aphrodite so much. Roo makes it feel weak by comparison.

    So my favorite FN's would be:
    Endymion (only if you really wanted to keep the Greek mythology thing going)
    Auberon (only if the two 'A' names thing doesn't bother you)

    And for middle names I'll put my favorites in two categories, not-so-normal and quite-normal (since one of the two MNs will likely need to be a normal one). Though I do have to say, I wish there were more 1 syllable MN options, as with some of the longer FNs I think a short/to-the-point second MN would sound best.

    My not-so-normal favorites:

    My quite-normal favorites:
    Hugh (though I like Hugo more on it's own, Hugh's one syllable helps a lot of your name options flow together better I think)
    Cyrus (I think this would be a solid MN choice)

    Some combos:
    Rainier Bayard Odin
    Rainier Calidore Hugh
    Lucius Altair Xavier
    Lucius Anthony Ivo
    Lucius Evander Hugh
    Leonidas Tresillian Hugh
    Leonidas Bayard Calidore
    Evander Taliesin Hugh
    Evander Tresillian Anthony
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    Wow, I wrote a lot. I haven't posted anything in the forums since you posted your original message, I've just been slowly working on this one long response for like 15 minutes a day over the past three days.
    Updated Name List- Vote away...

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    Okay, let's do your middle names!




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    I have more suggestions:

    There are three boys in book Decameron:
    Panfilo, Philostrato and Dioneo.
    I also suggest Merek, Borin, Brom, Ronald, Amaury, Melchior, Clement, Durand, Baldwin, Estmund, Lyulf, Mervin, Bonamy...
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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