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    Not long to go and still not sold on a middle name - any help would be appreciated!


    We have quite possibly decided on the name Delaney for our little one if he/she turns out to be a girl. I do love the name Delaney (we already have a Cassidy Ann), but Caoimhe (Gaelic name pronounced Keeva) and Kennedy were also front runners (the meaning of the name Kennedy was the deciding factor).

    The middle names we like are as follows:
    Saoirse (pronounced Seer-sha)
    Carys (pronounced Caris)

    Surname has 2 syllables and rhymes with Brimer.

    Any favourites or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we are well and truly stuck!


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    Delaney and Cassidy are very cute together!

    I did not know that about the meaning of Kennedy!

    I like Delaney Quinn best of the possible combinations you have listed. I think it sounds best out loud w. either that or Delaney Sage. Either of these would give you a 3-1-2 syllable count, which I personally like a lot in names. I also like Delaney Frances, but not quite as much w. your last name. I like most of the names on your list, but since Delaney is already three syllables ending in a "y", longer middles or middles also ending in "y" (like Liberty) don't sound as good to my ear.

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    Delaney Quinn

    Caoimhe Sage

    Your right Kennedy has a shocking meaning for such a nice name. I'd probably have Kennedy Rose or Kennedy Grace.

    I quite like Mahalia as a first name, I love its meaning. Mahalia Quinn sounds nice to me.

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    Thanks ladies

    I really do love the name Kennedy, however my daughter's name has a strong meaning & I'd hate this little one to look at the meaning of her name & wonder why we didn't worry about her names meaning!

    Delaney Quinn has been the popular choice amongst family members also. Please keep the advice/suggestions coming!


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    Delaney Quinn and Delaney Sage are my favs from your list.

    How about:
    Delaney Paige
    Delaney Rose
    Delaney June
    Delaney Eve

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