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    Jun 2013
    My husband and I both just adore the name Arya that someone has suggested, it's the first one we have both really loved and I think we might be on to a winner there
    For a boy I think we have decided we will go for something distinctly Western/English. We have been talking about Arthur.

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    I really like the name Avani for a girl.means earth.
    For a boy maybe Alexander or Rowan.

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    You could always choose an English name that has the possibility of an Indian nn.
    Something like Miranda nn Manda.

    I also really love Kiran for a boy - it's the only Indian name I would consider for my so completely european/american family. I love that it's so similar to the Irish Kieran. Very distinctly both Western European and Indian.
    I'm going to keep thinking about this and might be back later.
    maybe Endora, Dexter, Gideon & Lorelei
    Newlywed (Not TTC...yet)

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