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    Oh, I love Cassian! It's on my list,too. I have first read it in one of Madeleine Wickham books and thought it was so romantic yet so strong and masculine. Gorgeous, what yet to say?
    I agree Cassius might be a bit over the top, although it's a name from Shakespeare. I suppose it was used by a couple of celebrities but Cassian, on the other hand, is unheard of and undiscovered. As between Julius and Julian I'd prefer Julian, here I pick Cassian. Some ideas for middle name may be Cassian Grey, Cassian Balthazar, Cassian Joel, Cassian Theodore and Cassian Orpheus.
    Ooo I love Cassian Theodore!

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    We have a Cassian. But we don't prn it Cassy-en. And I'm okay with that.

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    I would go with Cassian. Can you say Cassius Clay? aka Mohamed Ali. No thanks.

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    Post That's me

    I was interested to read your post as I am a Cassian. In fact, since I know Madeleine Wickham, having met her shortly before she wrote the book you are referring to, I am possibly the Cassian.

    From experience, the name seen as unusual but not bizarrely so. I can recommend it to any parent. I am now looking for a name for my own son, and my wife is refusing to consider any other name. Any suggestions for names with a similar flavour will be gratefully received.

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    I like Caspian best.
    直美 Naomi

    Lucia Pascale

    Avery Edward Francis

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