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    Cassius/Cassian opinions?

    I love the name Cassius or Cassian for a boy, but I've never met anyone named that before. Is it too unusual?
    I like names ending with 'ius' and 'ian' like Julius and Julian, and I think the Cass is a nice addition. Any suggestions of similar names?
    Also any suggestions for middle names to go with them?

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    Oh, I love Cassian! It's on my list,too. I have first read it in one of Madeleine Wickham books and thought it was so romantic yet so strong and masculine. Gorgeous, what yet to say?
    I agree Cassius might be a bit over the top, although it's a name from Shakespeare. I suppose it was used by a couple of celebrities but Cassian, on the other hand, is unheard of and undiscovered. As between Julius and Julian I'd prefer Julian, here I pick Cassian. Some ideas for middle name may be Cassian Grey, Cassian Balthazar, Cassian Joel, Cassian Theodore and Cassian Orpheus.
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    Both are wonderful, interesting sweet-spot names. Cass is a great nickname.

    Cassius Victor
    Cassius Octavian
    Cassius Reed
    Cassian Ambrose
    Cassian James
    Cassian Wolfe
    Cassian Gerard

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    I love both Cassian and Cassius... probably equally. They are great names... classic with a twist. I also have yet to meet either a Cassian or a Cassius, so I think they're both great choices...
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