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    Daphne Samara and Daphne Rebecca are my favorites.
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    I like Daphne Serena or Daphne Morgana best. I LOVE the idea of Daphne Rebecca, but Daphne Rebecca reminds me too much of the novel Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier. I've never read it, but I would think if I were to use it, I'd have to be a huge fan of the book. I've just read the description, and it sounds horribly depressing, but I'm a huge fan of literature so I'm sure it has some merit. If you're not trying to honor it, then I wouldn't suggest using it, or I would use something to break it up--like Daphne Rebecca Eve or Daphne Iris Rebecca, etc. It's a very lovely name, though, and stylistically, I do like Daphne and Rebecca together the best...
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    Daphne Rebecca is my favorite. I have Daphne Seraphina on my list, if that means anything.
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    Ooo I love these:

    Those names remind me of a mermaid
    Good luck!

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    Love Daphne Serena, how perfect! (please vote!)

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