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    Ideal Syllables for MN?

    With the first name Cassia and the last name having one syllable, how many syllables do you feel the middle name should have for a nice flow? I was thinking of Cassia Jane, but I'm not sure that is right with a one syllable last name.

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    I think 2 syllables would sound nice, but Cassia Jane sounds nice with a one syllable last name too. I think it depends on the name- say it out loud a few times and if it sounds wrong, try sticking a two syllable name in there just to see how it would fit and go from there. That said- I LOVE Cassia!
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    I also agree that Cassia Jane sounds fine even with a one syllable last name.

    Other possible mn's

    Cassia Louise
    Cassia Amelie
    Cassia Violet
    Cassia Juliet
    Cassia Alice
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