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    Calista nn Callie- Normal
    Thalia- Normal
    Allegra- Normal
    Clio- This might raise a few eyebrows. There used to be a psychic on tv named Clio...
    Freya- I think you'd get a lot of 'french fry' comments.
    Calypso- A little bit out there, but you might be able to pull it off with the right nn... like Callie...
    Cordelia nn Cora- Normal
    Io (should this be a nickname for a longer name?)- All eyebrows would be raised.
    Philadelphia- Cream cheese. I think this one is a bit too out there... especially since Philly isn't a city I'd name a child after...
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    Calista is not crazy at all. I only ever get compliments on it
    Thalia might get some eyebrow raising.
    Allegra is a no-no IMO. Allergies anyone?
    Clio is okay. Perhaps less "odd" if spelled Cleo.
    Freya is a toss up.
    Calypso is a no-no. Not a nice namesake and I would definitely raise my eyebrows and judge whomever has this name.
    Cordelia is fine.
    Io is not a good name for a person....
    Philadelphia is a super no-no! I shouldn't have to say more, haha.
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    Callista - I think it's usable, although not a favourite.
    Thalia - Also usable. I know a little girl with this name and her mum is always getting compliments
    Allegra - I find it more MN material, but still usable
    Clio - Usable and in my opinion a good alternative to the very over-used Chloe
    Freya - This is my name and every one loves it! I get compliments from everyone on it and have never met any french fry comments or infact any negative comments on my name. I've no idea what is meant by it being "a toss up"
    Calypso - Its a brand name, so I wouldn't use it.
    Io - I love this name, but it is a bit on the fence. There is a Scandinavian version (atleast I think it is) spelled Ayoe too (pronounced the same)
    Philadelphia - Cream cheese =/

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    Calista nn Callie - very usable
    Thalia - a bit unusual but usable
    Allegra - very usable
    Clio - usable but many will think this is a kreative spelling of Cleo
    Freya - unusual but usable
    Calypso - keep as guilty pleasure
    Cordelia nn Cora - very usable
    Io (should this be a nickname for a longer name?) - keep as guilty pleasure
    Philadelphia - keep as guilty pleasure
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    I'm in the Midwest too, so I know how you feel. Where I am, tryndee names rule, seconded only by the top ten. I envy other name climates!

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