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    I definitely prefer Susanna over Susannah, and Marisol is pretty as well. Sonata is pretty, too. I actually like Sonnet, too, but that'd be a little more of a stretch, and besides is similar to Sunday in terms of issues.

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    At the daycare I used to work at I had two sisters in my class named Saturday and Sunday. I know Sunday went by Sunny but I'm not sure about the other one. I'm not very fond of those kinds of names, but Sunday isnt a bad name. Its cute, silly and fun and could grow with the child depending on what they went by.
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    I don't think it's cruel at all, I think it's a sweet name!
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    It's not cruel, but I don't think she'd be any better off than if you just went ahead and named her Sunny. (I prefer Sunny to Sunday anyway.) I like Susanna nn Sunny, but if that's "too country" for you, maybe something with -son in it?

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    I'm neither here nor there about Sunday as a name, but since it was brought up, I actually do know a very successful DC lawyer named Sunday. I'm pretty sure in a future full of Jaydens and Baylees this argument of not being able to be professional whatever with a particular name is going to be pointless, but that's just my opinion.

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