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  • Adeline Contance

    51 45.54%
  • Scarlett Rose

    30 26.79%
  • Marie-Rose Contance

    3 2.68%
  • Alberta Rose

    6 5.36%
  • Paige Contance

    9 8.04%
  • Brailey Rose

    4 3.57%
  • Aubrey Rose

    9 8.04%
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    Cair Paravel :)
    Love Adeline! I think Bee/Beatrice, Calum, and Adeline especially go well together. I would love to meet a little Adeline, and Adeline Constance is just lovely.
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    Another vote here for Adeline Constance. But if none of your other children have your MIL's name as part of their's I'd definitely go with Adeline Constance Rose. Its a beautiful combo and will make everyone happy.

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    I voted for Aubrey, It makes me think of autumn fairies. Perfect for a small brown haired beauty.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Congratulations! I know having a preemie is terrifying but it does actually have it's incredible moments (my son was born at 26 weeks). The NICU can be an amazing, exhausting, educational, emotional experience...enjoy the tiny moments.

    I like Adeline best with your other children.

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    It's decided! Thanks for all of the input, my little angel now has a name!
    Adeline Constance it is!
    She's the last addition to our family and I'll enjoy watching my little girl grow up!
    ~Proud Parent of 4! Meghan

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