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    I generally dislike place names for people. Especially places outside of your country; it feels like trying too hard to be different and cultured.

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    For a place name, which I generally dislike, I don't think it's bad. Holland just has a good ring to it, even though it's definitely not my style.
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    I don't like it...

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    Its not bad! I'd rather see just Holly though.
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    I do like it a lot, I think it's great to be creative and have unique names. Most kids wouldn't like it if they got stuck with something boring, a 'Plain Jane' name.
    I certainly don't like my very 'plain jane' name.

    I also knew a little redhead girl named Holland. She was so darling and fit the name to a T. It is a very hard name to fit but it can definitely work.

    Also, if the child doesn't like it, there's lots of spunky nicknames that go with it like: Hollie, Hollis, etc

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