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Thread: Bng- life!

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    Wink Bng- life!

    Your name is ___. You are a ___ in college at ___. You are working to become a ___. Your BFF, ___ introduces you to her boyfriend, ___’s best friend. His name is ___. He is the same age as/older/younger to you. He is studying to become a ___. You two immediately click and he asks you out on an official first date.

    He takes you unknowingly to your favorite restaurant, ___. ___ months go by and your relationship has been nothing but ___.

    While on a vacation in ___ with (BFF and her BF) your boyfriend proposes by ___ and of course you say yes!
    Your wedding is small/medium/large in ___. As soon as the wedding is coming to an end, you and your new husband jet off to a honeymoon in ___.

    The wedding night is amazing and you stay on your honey moon for ___ month/weeks.

    Five months later you and your husband agree that you want a big family and want to start it now. You try for 1/2/3 months but with no luck. You decide you will try again in /3-10/ months.

    Nine months after your honeymoon, you get terrible cramps (I bet you know where this is headed). Your fantastic husband stays with you and you head to the hospital. Uh oh! You run out of gas and have to pull to the side at a gas station ten minutes away from the hospital. While waiting for the tank to fill up, your hubby suggests you lay on your back in the backseat to possible help with the cramps because they become a lot worse (hey, he’s trying.) You call 911 because they become so unbearable. You feel a lot of pressure and your body takes over and makes you push. A second later you realize what’s happening and take your yoga pants/skirt/jeans/dress off. Your husband steps up because he used to be a fireman/ police man/ paramedic before he decided to go back to school a year later.

    You deliver a healthy baby...
    Boy- born JanuaryJune
    Girl- born JulyDecember

    The ambulance finally comes to take you and your new child to the hospital. Along the ride you feel the same pressure as you did before and soon realize there is another baby (twins?!.) The baby is the same gender as the first born.

    All four of you make it to the hospital healthy.
    You decide to name the middle name one of the baby’s after the one of the two paramedics- Amelia Jennifer and Hudson Declan. The middle name of the sibling is named after you/your husband.
    Twin 1-
    Twin 2-
    What a surprise! You realize how hard caring for two babies is so you and your husband agree to wait a while before trying to conceive again.

    Whoops, that didn’t work out to well. You take a pregnancy test 3 months later and there are two lines.
    You thought two babies was hard until you saw the ultrasound.
    Triplets- wearing a tank top
    Quads- wearing long sleeves
    Quints- wearing short sleeves

    They somehow make it to full term, thank goodness.
    You name your babies:
    a- first name has no ‘A’, middle name starts with H
    b- first name is Irish, middle name starts with your real first initial
    c- girl: Charlotte Irene
    d- boy: Alexander Francisco
    e- husband chooses name for a baby boy

    baby A is a girl if you are wearing nail polish, if not, boy
    baby B is a girl if your state touches an ocean, if not, boy

    A year later you take a trip to Italy and the kids stay home with grandma, ___. You party for the first time since you have kids and the nights are magical. One thing you’ve always wanted to do is to donate your time at an orphanage. Luckily your husband knows Italian. You find a newborn baby girl on the steps as you are about to enter. You decide it is fate that you should adopt her so you you do and name her:
    Girl adopt- first name is Italian, middle name ends in –ly

    For two months after your vacation you feel sick and exhausted. You convince yourself it is just a cold from the airport until your yearly OB exam. (Not much of a…) Surprise! You are pregnant! Luckily it is a singleton. You decide it has been enough of a surprise already so you discover the gender. A baby boy!
    Boy- first name in top 100, middle name has 3+ vowels
    The baby is born months later and looks just like mom/dad/aunt/uncle

    Your family still feels like it could use some more children. It takes only a month to conceive. The ultrasound shows that you are having
    B/B/B- younger child/ only child
    G/G/G- older child
    G/B/G- middle child

    The babies are born a month early and have to stay in the NICU for six weeks. Luckily they have two great nurses, Darla Quinn and Cyrus Max.
    Baby A- first name named after nurse, second starts with A
    Baby B- use same first initial ^^, second starts with B
    Baby C- use same first initial ^^, second starts with C

    An big earthquake happens in ___(foreign country). Your husband goes to help with relief efforts and falls in love with a little..
    Girl- birthday is even
    Boy- birthday is odd.
    You name him/her- Cosmo or Wanda with middle name ending in –ed

    You conceive the night your husband returns, this time you find out early/3 months/5 months. You are carrying one baby.
    Girl- have children. Initials are JK
    Boy- have no children. Initials are LM

    Your favorite neighbor dies in a sad plane crash, with no family left you offer to adopt her two…
    Girls- you have a dog or cat. initials are OO TT
    Boys- you don’t have a dog or cat. initials are AA RR

    A year later you miss your period… you know what that means. An ultrasound proves you are pregnant with twins. Their gender is…
    B/B- live in apartment
    G/B- live in house
    G/G- live in condo

    They are born…
    B/B-In the back of a truck
    G/B-In a hotel room
    G/G-In the hospital waiting room
    You and your hubby agree that your family is complete and are extra safe with protection.

    Six years later you and your husband miss the days where you were teaching little ones how to talk and walk. You try for a year with no luck and turn to IVF. That was just the kick your system needed to become preggers. Within two weeks you are pregnant.

    You decide for your last pregnancy you want to do a home birth. Your belly grows fast. At the four month mark you find a midwife and doula team you love. The come for the first ‘check up’ and see you are large for being only 18 weeks. Just to be safe they do an ultrasound to discover you are pregnant with octuplets!!! Medicine has advanced since you were first pregnant and now homebirths are often done with multiples so you stay with your midwife and doula. Right on their due date the octuplets arrive in a difficult 29 hour labor- but it is worth it! You are blessed with 4 boys and 4 girls.

    B1- Place 1st, 2nd start E
    B2- Celestial 1st, 2nd start F
    B3- Animal 1st, 2nd start K
    B4- Fictional character 1st, 2nd start C
    G1- Floral 1st, 2nd start I
    G2- Seasonal 1st, 2nd start Y
    G3- Biblical 1st, 2nd start O
    G4- Fictional character 1st, 2nd start T

    Life goes on happily ever after.

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    Current Favorite Combos (not necessarily all of my favorite names):
    Alba Jolene, Avia Merrick, Hazel Deanna, Jovie Wren, Kendra Elise, Lux Athena, Margo Wren, Oona Lorene, Phoebe Alexis
    Ansel Gregory, Byron Robert, Ford Jeffrey, Lyle Prescott, Seaton Leo, Solomon Jack *Solo*

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    United Kingdom
    20 year old name lover from England

    Current Favourites

    Eden, Lila, Scarlett, Adelaide, Ruby, Maeve, Darcy, Lydia, Emilia
    James, Edward, Theodore, Gabriel, Arthur, Jude, Miles, Nathaniel

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    My name list is always growing & changing, but favourite names at present are
    Girls: Isabella Charlotte, Abigail Faye, Saoirse Eden
    Boys: Caleb Arthur, Gabriel James and Elijah Finley

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    It is so funny you put Charlotte Irene, my cousin was just named that!
    Currently Loving:
    Addison, Britton, Ella, Cara, Kennedy, & Leighton
    Beckett, Hudson, Greyson, Drew, Finn, & Hunter
    name suggestions are welcome any time, message me!

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