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    I think the flow is a little awkward but because the name has meaning I think that is enough to overlook the flow.

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    Don't really like it. Sorry for saying this, but are you dead set on Adelia? I kinda like Lydia Adeline or Lydia Adlina better. Adlina's my friend name. I don't know the origin but she said it's a variant of Adeline.
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    Not a fan... it's quite rhymy, and runs together. I'd split them up with a mn. I generally dislike -a -a names, as it tends to kill the flow (with a select few exceptions), and I feel like that's what happened with this name. The bigger issue, though, is that Lydia ends with an A and the middle name begins with an A... so it becomes one long, slurred, run-together mess with a bit of rhyme... However, if it's a particularly meaningful combo, go for it... very few people use mns anyhow... they're mostly for forms.
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    We actually looking at Lydia Katherine Adele recently and posted on this but we wanted to call her Adeliah and thats when everyone had a problem with this name. A lot felt we were giving our child 4 names . We have felt for years before our boys came that Adeliah (wasn't sure of spelling) was the name we were going to go with if we had a girl, Katherine Adeliah . I have always felt that Adeliah was an unusual beautiful name. Of course when I got pregnant we threw Lydia in the mix to honor my grandmother and that seemed to complicate things. I really want something different and unusual. I have still been looking around for a name that sounds as beautiful and is unusual that I like as much. Its been very frustrating. My other girls are called by middle names and that has not been a problem with our family, the girls are all in their teens now. I do understand why it might be a problem to call them by their second middle name. I do like Lydia Adeline but Adeline has been so popular lately and Lydia just doesn't sound right as a middle name to me.

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    Adlina is pretty and different. Maybe the problem is we have held onto this name so long through 3 pregnancies with little boys that it seems fixed to us. If you guys want to throw some beautiful unusual names with good meanings that would work better feel free. We have two months left and this name has been changed so many times in different configurations and added middle names. We even though of Adeliah Lydia Jane. I don't seem to mind Lydia as a middle name next to Jane. My husband is not a huge fan of Jane but he would let me do that just to be done with it

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