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Thread: My aunt's baby!

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    My aunt's baby!

    So my aunt is expected her first baby a lil gir in one weekl!! Yay!So she shares her favorite name with me because she knows what a name nerd I am! And her favorite name is Debussy Victoria!!! Victoria honors her husband mother and Debussy because all through the pregnancy she listens Claire de lune.I said to her that I don't really like it and that I find it to weird so she ask me to find her any similar names because we are totally lost!
    She likes names that
    1.are super uncommon
    2.have literature or mythological association
    3.she doesn't like any unisex or frilly names
    4.she want the name to have cute nn

    Thanks a lot for all the suggestions!!
    I can't wait to meet my lil cousin :-)
    Vasiliki ,
    18 , univercity student , foreign .

    Gents : Orpheus Roland Serafin * Viktor / Dorian Charles Wolf * Amadeus Evander William " Day " * Edgar Prosper * Heathcliff Thomas * Gideon Alexander Valor .

    Ladies : Amaryllis Virginia " Mary " * Annabel Eos " Annie " * Beatrice Jean " Beata " * Persephone Daphne Frideswide " Poe " * Psyche Elaine Marian " Peachy " * Virginia Frances " Gigi " * Remember Frances Catherine " Mem " * Philomela Augusta Mary " Philio / Pilot " .

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