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    Alaric! I didn't even read the rest of the names! I love Alaric!
    Okay, I also love Caspian and Eben.
    As I suggested in your girl's names post, Rowan would be nice in the middle. I prefer Rowan on a boy, personally.

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    beau123 - thank you! Alaric Fox is one of my favourites but DH isn't sure about Alaric, he's worried he'll get the nickname Al

    mjs2130 - Ames Paz & Eben Shalom are both v. handsome! Thank you

    tfzolghadr - I literally love all of these combos, they're all fantastic. Cyprian Atlas is such a cool name, I love that one especially.

    littleredone - Thanks! They're all great combos

    niteowl13 - Alaric has been one of my favourite names for a long time but hubby isnt sure about it Eben is ranking high, my husband loves it! I also love Rowan! I prefer it on a boy too
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    Caspian Ever and Eben Pax. Those are the ones I really love.
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    I really like Atlas Fox and Dante Pax.

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    kala_way - Thanks! Caspian Ever is lovely, I was ocncerened that Ever is too femine for a middle name but I love that Caspian seems to balance it out.

    cannebella - Thanks! Atlas Fox is actually my husband's current favourite! He really wants the middle name to be Fox. Dante Pax is also awesome, I really love Dante right now.
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