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    Felicity then Penelope then Beatrix (I really don't care much for Beatrix). I would use Felicity myself. Gorgeous name. Another name that has this feel is Freya. I adore Freya as much as Felicity.

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    Felicity is my fave!
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    Beatrix is my far my favourite! Though a lot of people seem to like Penelope and Felicity, I don't feel they're as good as they're cracked up to be, but that's just my opinion. What a lovely sister-set however! So nice and refreshing.
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    I love Felicity. I would probably call a daughter named Felicity 'Filly.' I think its really happy, and what girl doesn't love horses? I was sad when my husband started watching Arrow because the sidekicks name is Felicity and he always vetos names if he has heard it on a show. So far though, he hasn't veto'd this one.
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    Beatrix for sure. I like it's classic spunkiness. Felicity is nice enough, but if I'm going to pick a name meaning happiness, I'd pick Beatrix. Penelope is nice, but it feels like its popping up everywhere.
    So Beatrix!

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