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    Thoughts on the name Hamilton?

    I grew up with someone named Hamilton and always thought he had a very strange name, now that I've been thinking about it, I'm considering it to be a name for my future son. I don't like the name Milton at all but I think Hamilton is much cuter and even a bit more modern than Milton. I would want my son to like his name, and I wouldn't want him to be ridiculed or anything so I was wondering what you guys thought of it. The old names do come back !
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    I went to college with a Hamilton who went by Hammie, which I hated. Hammy. Hammie. Ham. Urg. But as far as I know, he liked being a Hamilton.

    And all that said, I would totally get behind a Hamilton nn Milo! I think that's totally striking, and I like the history tied to Alexander Hamilton.

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    I think it is more usable on a dog, but I love nn Milo, but he may be called Ham which is not a nice association. Love the history connection.
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    my first thought - ham.

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    Hamilton is a very old family name for me, and it's been on my list since I made my first "real" list in ninth grade. I love it. I have a hard time imagining it as a first name because it's always a middle name in my family... I could see it though. Milo is genius as a nickname. My grandmother's brother goes by Hamil.
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