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Thread: Sovannary

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    One of my students is named Sovannary (prn so-vaughn-uh-ree) and it's so pretty. It's a Cambodian name and I have no idea what it means but it's so pretty I thought I would share it. She's a beautiful girl in her early twenties (I instruct adults).

    Has anyone else heard of it?

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    I've never heard it before, but it's beautiful!

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    I've never heard it before, and it's terrible IMO. Sounds more like a creepy haunted house, LOL.

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    It sounds too 'surnamey' to me, but I can see the appeal. It sort of feels like Flannery to me
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    It looks a bit too much like Savannah to me - the whole -vanna- thing. But it’s pretty. I only found one mentioning online and have no idea how accurate it is.
    "Sovannary, Sovaneary : (F) golden girl”

    I think I’d prefer Sovaneary because it looks less familiar to me and I therefore can enjoy the name more than feeling like someone did something odd to Savannah.

    Hope that helps a little.
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