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    Middle Name for Augusten

    After what feels like years of debate and deliberation, we have finally decided to use Augusten to get to our favorite nickname, Gus. Our decision is firm; we have promised each other to never discuss it again. So rest assured, you have seen the last of my "August v. Augusten v. Augustin v. Augustus" posts.

    But, we're not done yet! We need a middle name for Augusten.

    As some of you may know by now, we like what we call "spunky" middle names. Something that livens up the classic first names, but isn't too "out there". Our boys' middle names are Milo and Rory, to give you a taste of what I mean.

    We're considering:

    Augusten Archer
    Augusten Davis
    Augusten Graham
    Augusten Jude
    Augusten Kit
    Augusten Quinn
    Augusten Reid
    Augusten Rhys

    What do you think?

    We'd love suggestions!

    Mom to Teddy and Pip. Naming #3.

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    Augusten Jude would be my favourite, as they just kinda match in terms of style. However, it does depend on your surname. My #2 would be Augusten Reid.
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    First of all, congrats on deciding on the awesome Augusten! Secondly, I think all your middle options are cool--but I'm particularly drawn to Kit. It's so fun and somehow familiar and fresh at the same time. The very epitome of "spunky!" (I should mention I also love Jude, and am most likely going to use it as a middle for my second born)

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    You picked my favorite 'August' name. My favorites is Rhys. I also like Davis, Jude, and Reid. I don't care for Kit and Augusten Quinn is a bit rhymey.
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    Thanks, ladies! I'm so glad to see Augusten is being warmly received! Most people seem to (strongly) prefer August or Augustus, but Augusten is the right choice for us.

    @tfzolghadr - Thank you! We have a pretty easy last name, so all of the above sound fine.

    @tawnysaurus - Isn't Kit great? I've loved it for awhile. It is definitely spunky -- maybe a little too spunky for my husband.

    @emsky - You're right, Augusten Quinn is a bit rhymey!
    Mom to Teddy and Pip. Naming #3.

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