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Thread: Fn/Mn Combos

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    Fn/Mn Combos

    I just decided to remove some of the commas in my signature, pairing names up to try out combos (for the first time ever).

    Any likes/dislikes/suggestions?

    Nothing too negative about Owen Maddox please--this one is my son! I realize many of you think it is trendy; if I could go back I would use the original Madoc (or maybe Maddoc), but alas I cannot. What did I ever do without nameberry??

    Picking out combos for not too distant future sibs.


    P.S. I'm loving Stellan Xavier right now. Is Stellan too similar sounding to Owen?
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    hrmph. :/

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    I don't like Stellan and it is too close to Owen.

    Cora Madeleine- my favorite, stunning
    Margot Eliza- NMS but good flow
    Esme Lenore- like
    Iliana Xanthe- Love this
    Noemi Clio- love names separately but not in this combo
    Isla Maeve- very girly
    Owen Maddox- like
    Jasper Amias- love
    Desmond Rhys- I don't like either name
    Milo Vincent- love! My favorite
    Everett Flynn- too trendy. Prefer Everett Finn.
    Stellan Xavier- I don't loke Stellan or Xavier spelling. Prefer Javier.
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    Thanks for the feedback!!

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    Cora Madeleine- Nameberry favorite...I've been seeing both of these a lot.
    Margot Eliza- I like Margot; it's familar but uncommon. Eliza is not my favorite form of Elizabeth, but it seems really popular on Nameberry.
    Esme Lenore- I was starting to like Esme, but then I heard about the unfortunate name Renesmee and that was the end of that. I like Lenore. My BFF named her daughter Lenora (nn Nora), but I think she should have just went with Lenore.
    Iliana Xanthe- It seems like it's trying too hard to be exotic.
    Noemi Clio- Noemi is rather unique without being too far out there. I'm not crazy about Clio, but again I've seen it on many a list on Nameberry, so who am I to judge?
    Isla Maeve- Love! These names are just my style. They're both my cousins' names, but I'd use one or the other in a heartbeat if they weren't already taken.

    Owen Maddox- Like you said, Madoc/Maddoc would have been nicer, but it's still a solid name.
    Jasper Amias- I like the meaning of Amias, but not the sound.
    Desmond Rhys- I don't like this spelling of Rhys.
    Milo Vincent- Milo is another name that I see people raving about on Nameberry that I just don't get. It makes me think of grass. Miles is better.
    Everett Flynn- The "ever" names are pretty trendy. I don't like Flynn, either.
    Stellan Xavier- Stellan is not my favorite, but it does have a nice meaning. I like Xavier. Javier is good, too. I think either spelling/pronunciation is fine and correct.

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