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  • Liam

    24 42.86%
  • Levon

    9 16.07%
  • Leon

    23 41.07%
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    Liam, Leon or Levon????

    Hi Berries!!
    Wondering what your opinions are for Liam, Leon or Levon last name starts with 'S'. Also any suggestions for middle names?

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    Liam is trendy (nickname as a name), and very popular. Leon is a much more mature sounding name with plenty of nn options, so I chose this name. Levon looks like Lemon. Have you considered Levent, Lev, or Levi?
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    I chose Liam, but Leon is a close second.
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    I chose Leon. Liam feels overdone, and Levon isn't appealing to me at all.
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    I've always liked Liam, but as pp's have mentioned it's super popular. Leon is ok, but leonine names are becoming a trend and it still feels kind of fusty to me, I prefer Leo. I voted for Levon, it reminds me of the Elton John song and the great musician Levon Helm from The Band. It's fresh and different.

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