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    I prefer Winter to November.
    For some reason November feels more like a boys name.
    Maybe Winter (Winnie) and Nevada (Addie/ Neva) which means 'snow capped'
    Or Noella (Christmas)

    From your list Persephone in Greek myth is linked to winter if you have a winter theme in mind, but I don't think it works as a pair with Winter or November.
    Other options from your list:
    Winter Amelie Rose and Remember Charlotte Jane (Winnie and Remi)
    Roselind Illyria Noor (or Roselind November Jane) and Amelie Winter Rose?

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    OMG. Thanks @tuitree a lot!
    I absolutely adore Winter Amelie Rose and Remember Charlotte Jane with the nn Winnie and Remi! Super cute :-)
    Also I really like Nevada with the nn Addie!!it's just so cool!

    Thanks again! :-)

    "And so, being young and dipt in folly. I fell in love with melancholy,."

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    I prefer Winter for personal reasons. November isn't very suitable for girl IMO.

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    I don't like Winter, but I LOVE November!
    Novi (or Novy) is a wonderful nickname, I'd usw too, if I had a November (:

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    I'd go for Winter Arabella over Winter + any middle name starting with an R... remember, it will slur. If I had to choose one, Winter... I wouldn't put November and Winter as sisters... then you have a theme that it's almost strange if you don't stick to...
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