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View Poll Results: Aurelia, Arrietty or Artemis?

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  • Aurelia Fern

    41 26.62%
  • Artemis Fern

    33 21.43%
  • Arrietty Fern

    16 10.39%
  • Aurelia Violet

    66 42.86%
  • Artemis Violet

    26 16.88%
  • Arrietty Violet

    26 16.88%
  • Aurelia Artemis

    13 8.44%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Poll - Aurelia, Artemis or Arrietty

    With about 3 months to go, we have come down to these three as our choices for a girl...

    Middle name is most likely to be Fern or Violet as two of the A names together seem a bit full on. Siblings are Orrin & Iris. Last name is Forman.

    What do you think?
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    Aurelia Fern sounds beautiful, and Artemis Violet would be my second choice. They sound perfect with your surname, as well as Orrin and Iris.
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    Love Aurelia! Such a beautiful name with lots of ancient history
    Lotus &Eulalie

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    I love the nice, crisp, no-nonsense Artemis Fern Forman. Aurelia and Violet are both nameberry faves so its not surprising they won the vote, but you've loved Fern for so long i think you should use it, and Artemis pairs much better than the liquid, vowel-rich Aurelia.
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    Aurelia Violet stands out to me. It oozes elegance. Aurelia is such a beautiful and underused name. I also think it fits best with the other kiddos.

    Aurelia Fern would be my second choice. I really like how the vowel heavy Aurelia balances out with short, pretty Fern.

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