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    November and Winter!

    Is it too odd to name twin girls Winter and November with the nn Winnie and Novi?

    Thanks in advance!

    Vasiliki 'Vaso/Belle', nineteen, Edgar Allan Poe obsessed.


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    Its a bit too much for me. I really like Winter though.

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    A bit too much I think - though Winter is a great name along with Summer and Autumn.

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    Xi'An, China
    They are much too matchy to me.
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    I agree with that their too much but I love them so much!maybe as a sisters and not for twins?
    But if I had to choose Winter is my absolutely favorite!
    So what do you prefer
    Winter Rosamond/Rosamund
    Winter Arabella?

    Vasiliki 'Vaso/Belle', nineteen, Edgar Allan Poe obsessed.


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