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Thread: Elysia....

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    I've always said it eh-LEE-see-yuh
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    eh-LEE-see-ah, or EE-lee-see-ah. I like both. Pretty name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninanoo View Post
    eh-LEE-see-ah, or EE-lee-see-ah. I like both. Pretty name.
    My thoughts exactly!
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    I say eh-LEE-see-ah, like the Spanish pronunciation of Alicia, but I think eh-LIH-see-ah and eh-LIH-zhee-a are also correct. You can pretty much just pick your favorite, just know that there will be some confusion no matter what you choose.

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    I say it ehl-ee-SEE-ah. Although the emphasis might be on the second syllable instead, I think it depends on my mood. Hopefully @dantea sees this thread, since it's her daughter's MN. I can't exactly remember how she says it, although I think it might be close to my pronunciation?
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