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Thread: Taliesin

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    I don't know exactly how to pronounce it, but I think Ottilie is correct.
    I think it's a phenomenal name, but it would be a bit tough to wield. I'd personally probably end up using it in the MN spot if I ever used it.
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    AFAIK Ottilie is correct. I like it, but it's very...fanciful. It would work pretty well in the middle spot though.

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    This has always been one of my name crushes! Excited to see it here. Anyways awhile ago Nameberry showed the prn. when I looked it up and I remember it was shown as tahl-YES-in. I love the name and think it's usable but the prn. issues may make it better in the mn spot. Technically it is unisex, so I would use it as a fn on a girl. I'm in the States, btw.
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    Believe it or not, I once started a Master's course in Medieval Welsh Literature at Aberystwyth.

    Taliesin definitely has four syllables, prn like @ottilie said: tal-ee-AY-sin.

    It's fairly unfamiliar unless you hang with a crowd who appreciates medieval Welsh literature, but it's a great namesake. I think there would be pronunciation problems and a nickname would be stone-cold required (i.e. Tal, like the Israeli name).
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    Thanks everyone! I'm glad it's pronounced tal-ee-AY-sin, I love it even more now. Great to see other people who love it, too. I'm keeping it in my ever revolving list of middles until I decide if it could work as a first. I agree that it would require a nickname, and it's so full of them with that pronunciation. Tal, Lee, Ace, Tali... so fun. On further study of the name, I found a Taliesin from history who was known as Taliesin, Chief of Bards, which makes me love it even more. I'll be dreaming of a poet son!
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