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    Can't Decide! Please Help!

    I have had such a hard time this pregnancy deciding on a name. My husband and I have narrowed it down to three names we really like.

    Please tell me which one you like and why. Please be kind.

    Thank you!!

    Hadley Elizabeth

    Ava Pearl

    Avery Dawn

    I have a daughter at home named Summer Cambrea (Cambrea named after my brother Cameron who passed away) and the name Avery Dawn (Dawn is my mothers name who passed away as well) Sort of an interesting fact.

    Hadley means "field of Heather" which is a purple flower... my Mom's favorite color was purple.

    And Ava Pearl (Pearl is a family name, of my great grandmother)

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    Hadley Elizabeth

    But I think Hadley Pearl is cite!

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    I must second Hadley Pearl! Hadley is a sweet way to honor your mother! I much prefer Hadley Pearl to Hadley Elizabeth not only because it honors two people but also because it is stunning.

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