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    Rosalin or Roseline Artemisia Lux are both wonderful. I actually stumbled across this name recently in my search for Persian names. I think you are right, though, that despite its strength and beauty, it's just better as a mn. Interesting, though, that the naval commander, Artemisia of Caria's actual name was Anahita. It was simply Romanized (or Hellenized (?) into Artemisia... so it's kinda funny to use the name that their enemy gave them as a way to tie your daughter to their legacy. I mean, Artemis I of Caria directly confronted the Greeks in a naval battle at Salamis. I'd also highly recommend her original name, Anahita (the root name of Anais), especially if you have any interest in mythology, Zoroastrianism, or the Near East. However, I think Anahita would also be better as a mn due to the 'hit' (heet)...
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