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    I really like your list! In order of preference my favorites for each name are

    Emilia Katherine
    Adelaide Rose
    Felicity Nora- I also like Felicity Clara
    Juliette Nora- If Clara Juliette was an option I would pick that
    Coralie Rose
    Lucia Mary
    Aria Victoria- I like Aria Katherine much better
    Alaina Noelle

    I love Beatrix, I think it goes well with a lot of your names.
    Eleanor/Eloise, Cecilia, Josephine, Audrey, Fiona, Vivienne, Hazel, Juliet, Genevieve, Iris, Felicity, Penelope, Daisy, Scarlett, Isla, Claire/Clara, Amelia, Caroline, Stella, Eve, Margot, Annabel, Delilah, Ruby, Freya, Esme, Lola, Ivy, Willa, Gemma

    Oliver, Sebastian, Theodore, Felix, Leo, Simon, Wesley, August, Jasper, Miles, Jude/Julian, Silas, Finn, Dashiell, Abram, Elliott, Tristan, Charles, Gabriel, Wyatt, Declan, Conrad, Harrison, Levi, Blaise, Luke, Callum, Beckett, Wilder, Beau, Knox

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    I also agree that Emilia Beatrix makes a wonderful combination!

    I also really like:
    Adelaide (do you like Beatrice, if so I really like Adelaide Beatrice)
    Felicity Nora
    Lucia (with the pr. Loo-see-uh)

    I prefer the spelling Juliet than Juliette, I feel it looks a bit overdone (if that makes sense?) and I prefer Cora or Cordelia to Coralie.

    Aria I don't mind, but I think it is getting pretty popular and is going to stay that way for a while.

    Alaina isn't my style at all, it's part of a group of names that sound whiny for some reason to me.

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    1. Emilia Mary (like Amelia but I prefer the Italian spelling) - So pretty

    2. Emilia Katherine - Prefer Mary over Katherine. Emilia is lovely.

    3. Juliette Nora - Love Nora. Juliet would be my preferred spelling. Juliette just seems unnecessary and 'try hard' to me, sorry.

    4. Juliette Clara - can't go wrong with either middle, though I think I prefer Nora.

    5. Adelaide Rose - Lovely. Love both names.

    6. Adelaide Katerina - Would prefer this as Adelaide Catharina, but that's only minor.

    7. Aria Mary - LOVE

    8. Aria Victoria - Preferring Mary here as well. I think it's the 'ia' ending on both names.

    9. Coralie Rose - I don't like the -lie. Cora would be better, but doesn't flow well with Rose.

    10. Coralie Noelle - Cora Noelle would be gorgeous.

    11. Felicity Nora - I don't like the airy feeling of Felicity. It seems a bit insubstantial. Nora is still lovely.

    12. Felicity Alaina - I don't like this at all.

    13. Alaina Rose - Elena would be stunning here, but Alaina just ruins it for me.

    14. Alaina Noelle - I don't really care for Noelle.

    15. Lucia Mary - Lucia is gorgeous and I like it paired with Mary. Lucy is my favorite name in the world so I'm pretty happy with any of her variants

    16. Lucia Katherine - dislike this spelling of Katherine, but Lucia is adorable as I said before.

    Beatrix nickname Trixie - Adorable. Beatrix is too heavy and dark sounding for me to use (I prefer shorter, cutesy names like Lucy) but I love seeing it on other people's kids.
    Girls: Lucy, Nora, Ivy, Mae, Willow, Rose, Nessa
    Boys: Felix, Philip, Owen, Flynn, Dexter, Henry, Rory, Finlay

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    Emilia Mary - it's all right. But there's something about it that seems "off" to me.
    Emilia Katherine - This has better flow to it.
    Juliette Nora - Don't like the combo
    Juliette Clara - This is better than the Nora combo.
    Adelaide Rose - Love Adelaide. Rose is pretty but WAAAAYYY overused as a middle name.
    Adelaide Katerina - The flow is off. Seems like a mouthful to say.
    Aria Mary - Hate Aria.
    Aria Victoria - Still hate Aria, but at least this is the better of the two options.
    Coralie Rose - it's all right.
    Felicity Nora - I like this combo. I can really envision a smart and sophisticated young women with this name.
    Felicity Alaina - pales in comparison to the Felicity Nora combo.
    Alaina Rose - Not horrible but not great.
    Alaina Noelle - Kind of meh for me.
    Lucia Mary - This combo is really sweet.
    Lucia Katherine - Like the Lucia Mary combo a lot better.

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    Thanks guys! Mary is my moms name, my mother in laws name is Marie and my middle name is Mary so I thought it would be a nice way to honor all of that in one by using it as the middle name if we have a girl first. Nora is my aunts name who has no children and shes like a second mom to me so I would like to think if I had another girl (thinking ahead here) I would use that as a middle name to honor her. I love all the suggestions, especially Emilia Beatrix.

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