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    Sep 2012
    I voted Mabel. You and your husband seem to have completely different styles.

    What do you think about Victoria with Rory as a nickname? Rory just seems very masculine to me, but a classic name like Victoria could really balance it out (and Rory definitely beats other Victoria nicknames like Vicky or Tori).
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    I picked Mabel because although I like rory on paper, the rs make it awkward to say in my opinion.

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    I voted for Mabel. It's sweet and vintage-y. I think Rory could be a spunky nickname for a girl, but I wouldn't use it as a first name on its own as it's traditionally male. It could be short for Veronica (although I'm not a big fan of that name) or Lorelei (but that might be a little bit too Gilmore Girls)...there may be other options, I just can't think of anything off the top of my head.

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    Rory is too boy for me... Mabel is sweet, cute, and classic. Mabel by a long shot.
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    Love Rory! If it was not my nephews name I would have pushed for my daughter to be called Victoria nn Rory.

    Mabel is also sweet but much more of a vintage name x

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