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    Lives in: Glasgow

    LN: Strachan
    Maiden Name: MaCrae

    DH: Connall David
    DW: Katherine Bridgid

    DD: Helena Alice "Lena"

    DS: Arran Finlay

    DS: Tyler Evan "Ty"

    DD: Eva Dorothea

    DS: Ryan Fergus

    DD/DS: Kirstyn Ivie "Kirs"/ Aubrey Gavin "Brey"

    DD: Robyn Paige

    Tartan: Clan Forbes

    Connall & Katy Strachan: Lena, Arran, Ty, Eva, Ryan, Kirs, Brey, Robyn

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    The Whytock family lives in Inverness.

    Spouse 1: Era May (Blackstock) Whytock
    Spouse 2: Jeremiah Lewis Whytock

    DD: Phoebe Iris Whytock
    DD: Tamsin Estelle Whytock "Tammy"
    DS: Zacharias Blake Whytock "Zack"
    DS: Lincoln Gregor Whytock "Link"
    DS: Rex Brogan Whytock
    DD/DS: Calla Macy Whytock "Callie" and Gavin Toby Whytock
    DS: Niall Jay Whytock

    Clan Douglas
    Finian | Zephyr | Calix | Quill | Dashiell | Holden | Johnston | Scorpio | Tobias | Wesley
    Era | Lilias | Saffron |Verena | Amethyst | Leila | Indigo | Brielle | Tanaquil | Gemini

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    Where are you from:
    10: St Andrews

    LN: Stirling

    DH: Joseph Everett Stirling

    DW: Aliya Scarlett Stirling (nee Hartlock)

    DS: Charles Adam Stirling

    DD: Violet Diana Stirling

    DD: Katharine Ruby

    DS/DD: Benjamin Thomas and Nina Charlotte Stirling

    DS: Noah Nicholas Stirling

    DD/DD: Amelia Sophie and Isabella Abigail Stirling

    DS: William Owen Stirling

    Clan Hamilton

    Joe and Aly have…
    Charlie, Vi, Kat, Ben, Nina, Noah, Melia, Bella, and Will
    Alexandrina Caroline, Ariana Isobel, Katarina Lily, Linnea Scarlett, Rosalie Clara, Elena Violet, Mila Felicity, Victoria Evangeline, Anastasia Josephine

    Benjamin Emmett, Caleb Joshua, Mason Levi, Jameson Noah, Charles Oliver, William Joseph, Nathaniel Owen, David Thomas, and Beckett Hudson

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    Living Place: Paisley

    DH: [54] Angus Caspian Lancaster
    DW: [39] Helen Rowena Lancaster (nee Breeze)

    DS: [19] Theodore Callum Lancaster "Theo"
    DS: [19] Harrison Andrew Lancaster "Harry"
    DD: [18] Violet Grace Lancaster
    DD: [18] Lily Estelle Lancaster
    DD: [16] Cora Daisy Lancaster
    DD: [13] Charlotte Eva Lancaster
    DS: [12] Liam Findlay Lancaster
    DS: [12] Elliot Toby Lancaster
    DD: [8] Penelope Wren Lancaster

    Tartan: Clan Urquhart

    Angus + Helen with their 9 kids: Theo, Harry, Violet, Lily, Cora, Charlotte, Liam, Elliot, & Penelope.
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