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Thread: Apolline...?

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    1. Beautiful name. I'd say it ah-poh-leen

    2. Yes, I think they both have an uncommon but feminine feel, which will connect them.

    3. I agree with the previous poster. It's not something you hear alot but wouldn't be difficult for people to figure out.
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    1) I've always said ah-pol-LEEN, with the beginning like how I say Apollo. I can't hear a 'poe' sound in either :/

    2) Yes, they're both mysterious and beautiful

    3) Yes. It's gorgeous- I'd love to meet an Apolline!

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    I love Apolline! It's my top choice right now, for a girl.
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    I think Polly is exceptionally usable.
    Apolline is a bit unorthodox, but I think it's pretty and goes wonderfully with Senia.
    I say go for it!
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    Thanks for the great comments! Will definitely be adding it to the list, DH said he's warming up to it!
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