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    I like it as a short version for a longer name. My son's name is Wolfgang, and while I know its not a style that everyone likes, we have strong German heritage on both sides (and found out it was a family name, middle name of a great-great grandfather on my side but still, its a family name ) and it just fits him. We call him Wolfie or Wolf for short. I have always considered it as a strong name and even at times, harsh, but seeing it on my blue eyed sweet faced baby it works in a way I never thought it would work. (And the name came to my DH when we were pregnant, and we were both just drawn to it ever since)

    All that to say, I like it as a part of a longer name, like Wolfgang, Wolfric or what not. But I also prefer longer names with nn's in general.
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    No, I think it is way to harsh. I also think of wolves as fierce and violent... not characteristics I would want my child to embody.

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    I love it and variants Wolfgang and Wolfe.. I'm working on helping DH to fall in love with them too I would definately consider using it upfront but I do agree that it's big name to really pull off... Definately easier for an extroverted child with a big personality! I think Wolfgang has bit more scope for Versatality due to the Mozart connection!

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    I would totally use it. Would totally HAVE used it if our surname didn't begin with F. My maiden name is derived from the Basque for "wolf," so I would have loved to use it. I was thinking about using Channing or Phelan or even Rudolph (all derived from "wolf" in various languages) this time around (in my 2nd pregancy) but I just couldn't make any of them work with all of the other factors in play.
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    My grade 3 teacher's name was Wolf, pronounced the German way. He did fine with it; I don't think it's unusable.
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